Learn About Missouri Expungement

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What Services Does the Clinic Offer?

  • Preliminary eligibility screenings
  • Representation in expungement proceedings
  • Limited assistance for those filing for expungement pro se
  • Educational materials on Missouri’s expungement law
  • Connecting individuals to re-entry resources

Do You Qualify for the Clinic's Services?

Given their limited resources, the UMKC Expungement Clinic only represents individuals who are:

  • Are currently eligible for a Missouri expungement,
  • Cannot afford to hire a lawyer, AND
  • Are likely to receive a real benefit from obtaining an expungement (meaning an expungement is likely to change ability to find suitable employment, housing, etc.)

Do You Have to Pay Anything?

While you do not have to pay anything for the Clinic's services, the court may require you to pay filing fees that can total up to $450. However, if the court finds you are unable to pay, the fee may be waived. The Clinic will help you determine if you will have to pay the fee or not.

Who Handles the Expungement Cases?

The Clinic is staffed by two licensed attorneys and six law students each semester. The law students are actively involved in the expungement cases, working under the direct supervision of one or both attorneys. 

How Do You Apply to the Clinic?

Fill out an intake form here.

How Long Does the Expungement Process Take?

It varies from court to court, but generally it takes 2.5 to 4 months from the time the Petition for Expungement is filed until the court issues an Order. The Clinic typically takes 2-3 weeks to process an application and make a preliminary eligibility determination, however, if the Clinic's students are in the midst of exams or are on break, it may take longer.