The Punishment That Never Ends!

Collateral Consequences

The Way Forward


A generation of conservative “reform” on issues of criminal justice has encouraged many of us to believe the only thing we “owe” those who break the law is punishment, followed by punishment, along with punishment and then punishment.

- Leonard Pitts, Jr., National Opinion Columnist “Once the Debt is Paid,” Miami Herald (2012)

The Clear My Record Missouri Project contains
4 key pillars:

The Clinic is taught and overseen by licensed and experienced attorney/educators who teach crucial lawyering skills to students while serving people with Missouri criminal records who can’t afford lawyers.


Our grant-funded research and policy initiative provides leadership and coordination of efforts to make expungement in Missouri more fair, efficient, and accessible to people with Missouri criminal records.

Clear My Record Missouri


Our community prong involves two parts: ● Educating the community about the availability and shortcomings of Missouri expungement ● Providing those with criminal records help through community resources and referrals.


The work of this prong involves the use of technology to develop tools that make expungement in Missouri easier for those with criminal records as well as for lawyers who seek to represent them.

Why Missouri Expungements Matter!

Missouri Incarcerated

Missouri has an incarceration rate of 735 per 100,000 which is higher than the national average. In any given year, Missouri has over 100,000 citizens behind bars or under supervision.

Missourians Returning Home Each Year
More than 95 percent of people who enter Missouri Department of Corrections facilities ultimately are released, with about 19,000 Missourians reentering the community every year.
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