Has the Law Changed?

Changes in Missouri’s expungement law are continually happening and may make you become eligible to have your record expunged!

Date of the latest change in the law:  August 2021

Effect of the changes:

  1.  New Offenses Now Eligible for Expungement
    • Unlawful use of a weapon – Concealed carry (if found guilty before 2017)
    • Unlawful use of a weapon – Exhibiting
  2.  Clean Waiting Period Shortened
    • For eligible felonies, the waiting period is now 3 years (down from 7 years)
    • For eligible misdemeanors, the clean waiting period is now 1 year (down from 3 years).

If you applied to the UMKC Expungement Clinic and were told you were not eligible to have your record expunged, but you believe based on these changes that you may now be eligible, please fill out a new intake form or email us at expungementclinic@umkc.edu today!


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